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M1 Double Rechargeable Breast Pump

The highly portable Spectra M1 Double Rechargeable Breast Pump is the solution for working mothers who travel a lot, who express in the car, or who do not always have access to a power outlet. The M1 comes equipped with two sets of attachments (bottles, tubing, back-flow protectors, breast shields, and valves), allowing you to use it for single or double pumping. Double pumping saves time and helps to increase production, while single pumping can easily be done on one side while feeding baby on the other. The back-flow protectors ensure that breast milk particles will not cause growth of mould and contamination in the motor unit. All attachments that come into contact with your milk, are BPA free. The M1 has five different suction settings, as well as a massage mode to help speed the occurrence of the let-down (milk ejection) reflex

What's In The Box:

x 1 Breast Pump Unit
x 1 Charger
x 2 Breast Shields
x 2 Silicone Tubing
x 2 Silicone Valves
x 2 Back-Flow Protectors
x 2 Bottles
x 2 Dual Connectors
x 2 Ring Caps
x 2 Sealing Discs
x 2 Bottle Teats
x 2 Bottle Caps

- Closed system hygienic for you and baby
- Powerful, adjustable suction
- Let-down mode and joint suction/cycle speed adjustment
- Slow flow teat suitable for newborn feeding

- Gender: Unisex
- Dimensions: 24 x 17 x 14cm
- Weight: 1kg
- Warranty: 12 Months