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Handy Plus Manual Breast Pump

Spectra - Handy Plus Manual Breast Pump
The small and very portable Spectra Handy Plus makes expressing a breeze. It is easy to clean and assemble. All parts can be washed and sterilized. Its suction strength of 350mmHg is comparable to that of hospital-grade pumps and ensures effective nipple stimulation and removal of milk. A removable silicone massager is included for extra comfort. Your Spectra Handy Plus can easily be transported in your Spectra Cooler Kit along with your expressed milk. All parts are BPA free.

What's In The Box:
x 1 Handle
x 1 Cover
x 1 Silicone diaphragm
x 1 Diaphragm link
x 1 Breast shield
x 1 Valve head
x 1 Bottle
x 1 Bottle stand
x 1 Nipple cover
x 1 Cap
x 1 Disk

- Easy to clean and assemble
- Suction strength of 350mmHg
- Small and very portable 
- Hospital-grade pumps and ensures effective nipple stimulation

- Weight: 0.18kg
- Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 9cm
- Material: Plastic and Silicone
- Colour: Transparent and Pink
- Warranty: Based on manufacturing defects